The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about Children’s Services Councils. Please feel free to contact us with additional questions.

What is Children's Services Council of Brevard?

The Children's Services Council of Brevard is an independent special district of local government, authorized by Florida Statute 125.901 and created by Local Ordinance #90-41 on November 13, 1990.

What is the purpose of a CSC?

The purpose of the Children's Services Council is to plan, coordinate, fund, and evaluate programs and to address public policy issues relating to children in Brevard County.

How do CSCs work?

Children’s Services Councils are created through the will of the people.  They are first established by a county commission through a local ordinance.  Voters can then approve taxing authority for a Children’s Services Council through a countywide referendum.  Florida is the only state in the nation with laws that allow local county leaders and the residents of those counties to create a special government entity whose sole purpose is to invest in the wellbeing of children and families.

Is the Children’s Services Council of Brevard currently funded?

No.  In order to implement its mandate, the Council would need to seek a local referendum to assess an ad valorem tax up to one-third mill ($0.33 per $1,000) of non-exempt property valuation. The next opportunity to bring such a measure forward would be November 6, 2018.  In November, Brevard County voters could have the opportunity to empower the Children’s Services Council of Brevard help thousands of children in our community.

How would potential funds be spent?

If approved, Florida law specifies that a CSC can use local tax money provide preventative, development, treatment, rehabilitation, and other services for children only in Brevard County.  Funding would be determined by a competitive RFP process seeking funding proposals from local organizations to provide such services.  CSC’s closely monitor funded programs for performance and measurable results.

Funds are prohibited from being used to support local school districts as they have their own taxing authority.

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