CSC benefits include:

  • The mandate to do community planning (community needs assessments updated annually) is an important feature. It promotes long-term thinking that goes beyond one fiscal year.
  • CSCs generate a new source of local funds, which can be allocated according to community needs, thus making them responsive to changing priorities and issues among children and families.
  • The funds that CSCs invest in primary prevention and early intervention systems help to diminish or eliminate the need for more costly punitive and remedial services that may be needed later in a child’s life.
  • Increasingly, CSCs are focusing their efforts on outcomes and accountability – return on investment.
  • In line with their commitment to use funds most efficiently, CSCs often partner with other community funders (e.g., United Way, school districts, community foundations) in planning and funding, which focuses all funders toward shared goals and outcomes.

CSCs educate citizens about children’s issues and create stronger constituencies for children. CSCs become the hub of child advocacy in a county, broadening the constituency of advocates and concentrating efforts, thereby strengthening advocacy. As CSCs become the trusted source of information about children, they have become more power forces at the state level.

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The Florida Children's Council serves as the statewide umbrella organization for the Children’s Services Councils. By engaging and enhancing the collective strengths of individual Children’s Services Councils, the Council promotes statewide policies that build effective prevention and early intervention systems of supports for Florida’s children and families.